In the interest of remaining near sane, notice is given that Bygones is NOT a speed machine. You must try to think ahead so Bygones can think behind.

Our niche is unique and antique AMERICANA images. Resources include about a million photographs, illustrations, engravings, antique items and ephemera of all types. Most are pre-1925 not found in other sources. From a simple odd-ball woodcut for then/now comparison to a complex digital photo composite, we can produce & provide exceptional content for use in advertising, editorial, film, digital and resale markets. Need a simple line engraving for a tinted background? Our cleaned, polished or modified images are most often better than the original. Need an image with 'Exclusive Rights' so that you know that it won't be used by a 125 other designers & art directors? Need a plethora of pictures for your life's work? Let us help. The old is "fresh again" when discovered by creative thinkers in the art world - like you. Special photos (all formats) and digital wonders "done-up" to order. Under certain conditions, "roughs" are also available for the digital artist to enhance, composite, etc. The right old image could make your brilliant ideas shine brighter. We're dedicated to designs of the past and with your imagination they'll bloom once more in the future. Remember, very rarely is there something new in art and more often, the original concept is superior. You betcha.

How to make a request: Tell us about your project in confidence. Fill us in on the image(s) you need .(examples, story line, end use, size, Etc.) Then, we'll reply very quickly & friendly if we have it or not or have related pictures - at no charge. If we have any of your target images , small lo-rez sizes can be E-mailed to you if your E-mail accepts attachments.

Pricing: There may be a small charge for deeper research and scans. It varies with the request, normally about $50 for a deeper search. That fee may be waived or deducted from the final image(s) costs. Having so many diverse images, it is impossible to have everything cataloged and/or in digital form. By combining the old & the new ways, we can find unique material and we'll try to stay within your budget. Images prices vary with use.

©means copyright, not to mention, property rights. We own the originals, have rights to the originals or old copies of the originals. When we restore, photograph, digitize and/or enhance this property it becomes our new/improved digital artwork and this is our new copyrighted material - by law. Many of these images are embedded with a hidden watermark or code. If you find a similar image to ours in the great Public Domain, you are welcome to do with it as you please - but don't copy ours without permission. Thank you.

About: Bygones was born out of an advertising photo business established 100 years ago and a collecting craze that began shortly thereafter by Jim Meyer. Well, maybe not a 100, but we are addicted to old Americana stuff. Happy old clients include AAA, American Heritage, American Oil, American Hoist, American Telephone, American Linen, American National Bank, Early American Life, Transamerica, Time-Life Books, 3M, Kodak, GEO, FSI International, Kennedy Space Visitor's Center, Etc. Somewhere in between photography & antiques we've restored three pioneer Minnesota log homes, a Connecticut 1760 central chimney home and a Newport, RI Bellevue Ave. cottage. Some museums that have displayed or acquired our items include Amon Carter Museum of Western Art, Colonial Williamsburg, Ford Museum, New Bedford Whaling Museum, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Glenn Curtiss Air Museum, DeWitt Wallace Museum (Williamsburg), and the Wadsworth Antheneum.

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